Primitive traps are designed to kill the prey instantly. The technology behind some of the traps is amazing and they can be made from simple things in nature. The two main themes of traps are snares and deadfalls. Trapping may look simple, but there is a tremendous amount to learn before you can be successful. First, you have to know where to put them. To do this, you have to understand animal behaviors, tracking and the environment. Then you have to know how to attract them; what kinds of bait will lure them, what signs of activity imply the regular use of the trail or run you are looking for. Then, you have to really understand the mechanisms of the traps themselves. Often, drawings are not clear or accurate so you have to have hands on experience creating each one so you can learn through your failures, what really works.

A standard snare trigger formation. From Tribal Wisdom.

Paiute Deadfall with natural cordage

Close up of the mechanism of the Paiute Deadfall

Classic figure 4 Deadfall

Greased String Deadfall

Greased string with barrier to keep prey under the deadfall.

Successful use of the Greased String Deadfall on a pack rat.