Shelters are one of my favorite primitive skills. There are so many variations and they really are ingenious. I built a thatched shelter that I lived in for a year and a half. It was the best home I’ve ever lived in.

Here’s the original thatched shelter. Ways of the Earth.

After the first winter I had time to add a stacked debris wall to add two feet of insulation. Ways of the Earth.

Even the first winter, it did okay. The only problem was wind- it would blow the cold through the thatch.

See how nice it sits on the landscape.

You can see the small fire ring on which I did all my cooking and heating. There is a smoke hole just off center so when it snowed I’d get a little pile in the shelter.

James’ beautiful Earth lodge. Steps lead down to a 10 foot circular room. Really amazing home. Ways of the Earth.

Brett building a wickiup frame. Ways of the Earth.

The finished wickiup. Ways of the Earth.

Cathie bending poles of her wigwam frame. Ways of the Earth.

One of my debris huts with a grass mat door.

Lean-to for wood storage outside my shelter. Ways of the Earth.

Commercial tipi. I lived in it while building my shelter. Can you imagine how many hides it would take to cover it traditionally? Ways of the Earth.

Tri-pod with reed mat cover- it’s my outhouse. Ways of the Earth.

Cool snow shelter from Tribal Wisdom.

Eric’s debris hut. Ways of the Earth.

Eric lived in his debris hut year round. Ways of the Earth.

Wood and adobe lodge. Tracker School.

Earth Lodge Tracker School

Wigwam with bark. Tracker School.