Primitive and Spiritual Skills 

There are many people around the world teaching primitive skills to adults and children. The schools listed not only teach the skills, but do so with great respect for the Earth. Contact information is provided.


Tracker School
Tom Brown Jr.
Primitive and spiritual skills. In person and online classes for adults.
Location: Waretown, New Jersey, USA

Ancestral Knowledge
Summer Camps, Bow and Arrow, Hide tanning, fire by friction, Pottery, Animal Tracking, Primitive Hunting, Basketry, Shelter, Wilderness Survival, Flint Knapping, staking and movement…. you name it we can teach it!
Locations: Maryland, DC, Virginia, USA

Coyote Trails School of Nature
Youth and adult primitive skills programs.
Location: Ashland, Oregon, USA

EarthWalk Northwest
Primitive skills for adults
Location: Issaquah, Washington, USA

Practical Primitive
Primitive skills and traditional living skills.
Location: Great Meadows, New Jersey, USA

West Coast Outdoors School
Head instructor: Corey Fenton
Contact us through facebook for more info.
We teach Primitive living/survival skills, tracking, off grid living, community networking, caretaking, traditional martial skills, primitive and modern hunting/shooting,and modern combative skills.
We have children and adult courses and private family instructions for those interested in discretion.
Location: We are based out of Douglas County, Oregon, USA but operate throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Maine Primitive Skills School
A wide variety of primitive skills in all seasons.
Location: August, Maine, USA


Caribbean Earth Skills
Teaches primitive skills and philosophy skills. Check out more about the school on YouTube channels: Caribbean Earth Skills and Mount Victory Camp.
Location: Frederiksted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands


Tribal Wisdom / Sagesse Tribale
Matthias Grusz, Founder
(418) 440-6115
Skills: Primitive physical skills, philosophy skills, scout and Vision Quest.
Ages: Adult, children and families.
Location: Quebec, Canada


Blue Gum Bushcraft
Skills for Adults, teens, children and families.
Location:  Australia