Recommended Books: There are numerous books out there. These are just some of my favorites- ones I’ve found particularly helpful for learning skills and plants. It also includes Tom Brown Jr.’s books that teach spiritual skills.

Tom Brown Jr. Field Guide to Wilderness Survival
Tom Brown Jr. Field Guide to Living with the Earth
Tom Brown Jr. Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking
Tom Brown Jr. Field Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants
Tom Brown Jr. Field Guide to Nature and Survival for Children
Tom Brown Jr. Field Guide City and Suburban Survival
Tom Brown Jr. Field Guide to The Forgotten Wilderness
Tom Brown Jr. Art and Science of Tracking
Tom Brown Jr. Grandfather
Tom Brown Jr. The Tracker
Tom Brown Jr. The Search
Tom Brown Jr. The Vision
Tom Brown Jr. The Quest
Tom Brown Jr. The Journey
Tom Brown Jr. Awakening Spirits
Tom Brown Jr. The Way of the Scout
Samuel Thayer The Forager’s Harvest
Samuel Thayer Nature’s Garden
Steve Brill Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants
Pojar and Mackinnon Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast
Janice Schofield Discovering Wild Plants
Nancy Turner Food Plants of Interior First Peoples
Gregory Tilford Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West
Michael Moore Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West
Hilary Stewart Indian Fishing
Hilary Stewart Cedar
Nabokov and Easton Native American Architecture
Eddie Starnater 9 Step Knapping (video)
Mark Elbroch Mammal Tracks and Signs
Donald and Lillian Stokes Guide to Animal Tracking and Behavior
Bart Blankenship Earth Knack Stone Age Skills for the 21st Century