The opening line of the book blurb reads: Every day people around the world are dying by the thousands as storms, natural disasters, famines, diseases, and violence escalate. Does that perhaps sound familiar? Just during the writing of the book there were four hurricanes, two of them category 5, the earthquake in Mexico as well as others around the world, mass shootings in Las Vegas and multiple other locations, wildfires out of control across the western United States, Ebola outbreaks, the massacre of the Rohingya people including children being shot in the head and dumped in the river and women taken into their shelters and raped and killed, flooding, political unrest around the world including deadly protests and riots, terrorist attacks, nuclear weapons testing, starvation in many countries including India and Yemen…. the list is too long, but you get the idea. Even ten years ago, could you imagine all of these things happening within three months? Even without prophecies, it is obvious our world is in trouble. There are numerous scientific studies of different ecological systems that show the collapse of these system between 2030 and 2035.

Why do I believe in these particular prophecies? One reason is because I’ve watched them unfold, but even before I had proof, I knew on a spiritual level that they were true. I first read the prophecies in the 1980’s and knew in my heart they were genuine. I’ve dedicated my life since then, to try and make a difference. There was a time when there was still a chance to heal the Earth, but the discovery of the “holes in the sky”(the ozone depletion over the poles) marked the end of that possible future. Sadly from that point on, it became impossible to heal the Earth either physically or spiritually. When you consider how many people still don’t even believe in global warming, it’s no wonder we didn’t have a chance.

Over the decades I’ve watched the prophecies unfold in alarming ways and it has put all doubt from my mind that what they predict for the future will very sadly unfold.

So where did these prophecies come from? There was a small band of Lipan Apache who escaped into the wilds of Mexico when the tribes were being relegated to reservations. This band was part of a lineage in which these prophecies were passed down, not just as information, but each generation having the same or additional visionary experiences. They dedicated themselves to preserving the skills, both the primitive living skills and the spiritual skills, that would be needed by future generations as the prophecies unfolded. Grandfather Stalking Wolf dedicated his entire life to this spiritual path and wandered the continent for sixty years, learning and teaching. He never lived in a house or on the reservation, nor did he use a car, yet he traveled to South and Central America, all across the United States and Canada, always on his spiritual quest. In 1957 he met seven year old, Tom Brown Jr. and began a ten year mentorship to pass on all that he had learned, including the prophecies. After another ten years of practicing in the wilderness, Tom Brown began to teach. He wrote the book The Tracker and began the Tracker School. He’s been teaching and writing ever since.

Tom first wrote about the prophecies in his book The Quest. He’s expanded on them through his classes but also through some audio classes Conversations with Grandfather available at

If you want to understand the people who had the visions of these prophecies and the depth of their spiritual path, I would highly recommend Tom’s book Grandfather. You can also sign up for Tom’s blog which includes text and video updates.

You may want to dismiss the prophecies, citing things like Y2K, 2012 prophecy (neither of which were actually prophecies) and so many other failed prophecies, but I believe if you read these prophecies with your heart and look at the world around you, you will understand they are real. It is horrifying to consider what is coming. But one reason I wrote this book was to instill the yearning and passion to create the possible future, no matter how remote a chance it may be. If there is nothing we can do to save the world as we know it, can we commit to and work for the tiny potential that lives in that destruction? There is a seed. I believe this with my whole heart. I pray there are others who believe as well and that will do whatever it takes to bring it to fruition and create a future of peace, love and joy for all future generations.