Experience is everything and sometimes experience is limited by time. It only takes a few cold nights in a debris hut to learn to make modifications that make it much more comfortable, but some skills, like plants, have built in time restraints. Most plants have a limited time, sometimes only a couple weeks, when a certain edible or medicinal quality is viable. If we don’t learn it this year, we have to wait another whole year to try again. Or gardening. I’ve tried two summers for a forest garden and have learned a great deal but have yet to have a successful garden. When you start looking at how many years it could take to learn something, you begin to realize that all human life has a limited number of years. So it’s best to start new skills now if we ever want them to be useful to us. You can build a debris hut any time, but spring shoots are gone in a blink of the eye. Visit our website for some great book on edible and medicinal plants!